In his thought-provoking article, Dr. Ibrahim Dooba, a multiple degree holder, author, and columnist at daily trust argued that if a student can solve 2 years past question papers for any external exam, the student can be guaranteed A1 for that subject. He said, “When they can answer all the questions for a particular subject twice, they can guarantee themselves an A1”. You need to know who Dr. Dooba is to appreciate this argument.



As a teacher, I placed my students on this strategy to prepare them for the external exam. I created extra time to support them in this strategy. Once they finished their exams, I asked “is the PQ strategy useful?”, and they agreed that it helped them in their exams. 


In an article in, the author asserted that “Past papers will give you a realistic idea of the format of the paper you will face. Knowing the format will help you to prepare better and feel more confident going into the exam.”


Therefore, one of the strongest and most time-tested methods to achieve a good score in an exam is to prepare with past question papers of that particular exam.  


Now, while solving past question papers is good, getting a teacher to guide you along the line is even better. This way, you have someone who can help you identify the hidden tactics in the questions and more importantly, someone that will be by your side to answer all your questions at all times. 



In summary, to prepare well for your coming exam, take the following actions


1.    Get a series of past question papers for the last 10 years 

2.    Go through just one of them to ascertain topics you find difficult 

3.    Get a teacher to teach you those topics. The teacher will also serve as your learning coach throughout the preparation for the exam.

4.    Design a reading timetable for yourself 

5.    Start by solving the past question papers 

6.    Ask your teacher (learning coach) about any question that you find difficult 


7.    Finally, make sure you can solve at least 5 past question papers confidently and correctly. Make sure you practice with the allotted time for each question. 



Abdulrafiu Arikewuyo

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